[REVIEW] Slap Me with the COSRX Holy Moly Snail Mask

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[Review] COSRX Holy Moly Snail Mask
COSRX brand is back to slap the faces of customers with a new sheet mask of theirs called "Holy Shit Moly Snail Mask". 

I managed to get myself a few of these masks so let's see if this is the shit or not. Another snail mask that I like is the one produced by Benton, so hopefully the one that COSRX created can either beat that or at least try to. Let's see its effects on my pitiful skin!

I actually did not purchase these masks, but got these free at KCon LA from the manager herself. She shockingly gave me 11 masks along with many other samples and I was like "Holy..".  She's such a nice person herself and I just had an awesome time at KCon (convention) and would go again and again.

According to the description from a website, this mask is pinkish because it is naturally colored with Camellia oil extract, which can reduce any inflammation on the skin and allows acne scars to heal faster. Nice.
Directions :
You can either apply this on your dry, bare face after you finished cleansing or after you applied toner/essence. Then, let the mask sit on your face for 20 to 30 minutes, or as long as you want before the sheet dries out. After removing the mask, let your skin absorb all the essence by patting or using a cotton pad to rub it around the facial area.

There is no need to wash this mask off.
Ingredients :
red ginseng watersnail secretion filtrate, methylpropanediol, butylene glycol, glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, allantoin, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl tourate copolymer, sodium polyacrylate, sodium hyaluronate, arginine, ethylhexyglycerin, phenoxyethanol

+ The sheet mask itself is made of 100% rayon.

I don't see anything too worrisome for my acne-ful face. This doesn't mean everyone else shouldn't worry, since everyone's skin is different. Also it's a good thing to see such a short ingredient list for a face sheet since I break out from nearly all of them.
Red Ginseng Water - The formulation uses this as a base instead of plain water. I haven't really seen much of this ingredient in many skin care products but it better be good since this mask is expensive as hell (am a college student). After taking a look here, it seems this water has been used in many Asian medicines. According to that source, it states that this ingredient has an anti-wrinkle effect and anti-melanogenesis effect. I'm not going to pretend what I know what "melanogenesis" means, so after a quick search on Google I found that it's a process where cells produce melanin, which is a pigment that can be found in your skin. I guess this water also prevents you from getting darker(?) or at least make your skin look brighter.

Snail Secretion Filtrate - One of the most popular in skin care lately, snail secretion, is here to heal us of our sins. It has anti-aging and skin repairing properties that can improve the overall texture and skin tone of your face. Like if you have acne scars from picking pimples, or redness from being kicked in the face, snails can help you! Source
Scent :
It does have a flower (or herbal) like fragrance to it, but it's very faint.
Thoughts :
Shelfie Mask EVENT
I read around other people's reviews saying this mask was ill fitting for them, but personally, it stuck fine with my face like a magnet. The loads of snail mucin compacted in this sheet is probably the reason the mask didn't fall off while I was walking around the house. When I compare this product to the one produced by Benton's Snail Bee High Content Mask, I think Benton's is a bit more superior due to it's cheaper price and better ingredients contained in it. The issue I have with the COSRX mask is that you can feel the snail mucin in it, meaning why not just get their snail essence instead?

The smell of the mask does have a typical perfume-y scent that many face sheets have, especially My Beauty Diary's line. But it's important to note that the scent in this one is much more faint than any other sheet mask I've ever used. I do believe this product would be fit for those who have sefnsitive skin or break out easily. After using this mask, I was surprised that I did not break out from it since so many face sheets I have used did (like the My Beauty Diary's face sheets). This is a huge plus for me.

Not only was this mask capable of moisturizing my skin to an extent, it did reduce my redness and flattened a swollen pimple on my temple (thank god). The only other mask that was able to do this for me was the one produced by Benton. With these results, I still can't find myself being able to repurchase this due to the price. Four dollars for one mask? Not for a college student like me. I do believe this is a good basic mask, but the price is a huge barrier for me. 

Another thing to note about this mask that surprised me was that after taking it off my face it had no brightening effects at all. So if you guys are planning to go to some event and want that extra glow on your face, this is not the one for you.
Would I repurchase this? Nope. I was never really a fan of face sheets, and I find these lackluster and expensive as hell (even though I got as a gift hehe). Honestly, I still think a cheaper alternative is to soak your face in their snail essence and let that goodness get in your pores and control your body. 

- Faint scent- Expensive
- Fits MY face well- Not extremely moisturizing
- Reduced redness and swelling of acne
- Moisturizing to an extent
- Did not break me out

Where to buy?

See ya!

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