[EXPERIENCE] Skincare Clinic in Korea : Hus-Hu Dermatology

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Finally, here is a post I've been wanting to make since I came to Korea.I've done a lot of googling to finding which skin clinic would be best to go to. After looking at clinics like Teng Teng Skin Clinic, CNP Skin Clinic, Renewme Skin Clinic, and many more, I decided to go with Hus-Hu Dermatology Clinic. Why? I put into account the reviews, customer service, social networks, availability of procedures, and website navigations and found that they were the most updated of all those clinics. The clinic of Hus-Hu has great customer service via their Facebook and they are also fluent in English. I was able to ask any questions about the clinic and got answers within an hour! Customer service may be the biggest reason I chose this clinic since it shows that they care about their customers.

When I first arrived to the clinic, I filmed out a form that asked my information such as my name, birthdate, email, address, and etc, nothing too complicated. After that, I was told to go into the hallways in order to wait for the doctor to be available for my consultion. I had really high hopes of this consultation because in the U.S., my dermatologist used to only look at my acne and give me creams, but didn't go in-depth in my skin troubles and what to do in order to improve it. But this doctor at the Hus-Hu clinic was able to see that not just acne was my problem, but the severe redness as well which he believed came from my use of harsh products (oops). He recommended me to do a V-Beam laser, which helps reduce skin inflammation and redness. Here's a description of the procedure on their website :

"V-beam Perfecta is a world-renowned vessel treatment laser that could destroy enlarged vessels only. It is effective in cases of angioma, hemangiectasia, blushing, red acne mark, red spot, dark circles beneath the eyes, atopic dermatitis (red), rosacea and etc. Unlike other lasers, it uses dynamic cooling device that could minimize heat damages and reduces pain and skin damages." Source

I agreed to doing the laser as recommended by the dermatologist. He also prescribed me 10mg of Accutane since I wanted to take oral medication for my acne. I'm surprised how easily it was to obtain Accutane in Korea than how it is in English. Besides the Accutane, I was also given pills for digestion as well.
I was then taken to the room where my facial would happen.
#1 Cleansing
The facial was started off with gentle cleansing: two sponges massaging the face. I forgot to take pictures of the cleansing, so I hope you have an idea of what washing your face looks like~
#2 Extractions

After cleansing, I went straight to the extractions, which kind of shocked me because the extractions I do in the U.S. would first steam the face before extracting. Instead of using a machine to steam my face, they wrapped my face with a hot towel in order to open my pores for easier extractions.

The pimple extraction went pretty fast. It actually felt kind of rushed. Either it was done very fast, or the extractions I did back at home was done extremely slow. Either way I still tear up a little due to the pain. I think the aestheticians was aiming to extraction the most swollen pimples/clogged pores, which I prefer than having every single inch of my skin extracted and having it my skin feeling inflamed right after.

#3 Acne Scaling
Acne Scaling Solution (chemical peel) : Coombs Solution

According to their website, skin scaling (aka chemical peeling) is supposed to normalize the skin's secretion levels and can help reduce acne by reducing the amount of sebum within the skin. It as well removes dead skin cells from the epidermis layer of the skin. 
The lady who was doing my skin said it would burn a little, so I was prepared for it. When it was being applied to my face, it hurt--but not as much as the facial so I was completely fine with the that sensation it left.

Cooling Mask
#4 Cooling Mask
Right after the chemical peel, the facialist put a 'cooling mask' on my face in order to help reduce the redness from the treatments. It was on my face for a few minutes and felt like a frozen facial mask. Compared to the chemical peel, it gave less of a burning sensation.

#5 Whitening Treatment
Whitening Treatment and Machine
Ampoule being applied
In this treatment, a product called 'HISTOLAB 47% VITA C COMPLEX AMPOULE' was applied on my face. It's a pretty common product used in dermatology clinics in Korea, but I'm not sure if it is available to be bought by the public. This treatment is unique because of the machine that is used, which sent electricity into my body in order to better absorb the vitamin c. The electricity was sent through a metal bar that I had to hold in one hand. I didn't feel any electricity or shocking sensation so I can't say much if it was effective or not.
#6 V-Beam Laser
V-Beam Laser
V-Beam Machine
Here is the main procedure that I was chosen for me by the doctor in order to reduce my scarring and redness. This is my first time having anything with a laser done to my face so I didn't know what kind of sensations to expect. At the start of it, it felt a sharp heat pressing against my face for a split second. Did it hurt? Yes, but much less than the extractions itself. The main was more stinging in a split second than painful throughout.

After the treatment was over, I was surprised that my skin wasn't as red as I thought it would be even though it went through a lot of intense procedures. When I washed my face the following night, I already noticed that my indented scars were gone. I had tons of them pre-treatment all over my face and was surprised that it took just a few hours to get rid of them. I can't say the same about my redness yet since it kind of looks the same.
#7 Injections 
Several injections were made into my face in order to reduce the inflammation on my skin from the laser. I had to opt out from doing it on my jawline since thats my most sensitive spot on my face.
#8 Rubber Mask
Rubber Mask
After the having the lasers and injections done to my face, I went the other room to have few of my last treatments. Here is me with the rubber mask which was applied to my by the facialist. The temperature of it was cold so it was good for my red hot face from the V-Beam.
#9 LED Therapy
LED Lights
This is the final stage of the treatment. This step kills any bacteria or germs left on my face in order to prevent any more clogged pores. I didn't feel anything from the light. I only saw it through the glasses given to me. This took about 10 minutes.
Day 1
Day 1 : My skin still seems as red as it was prior to the treatments I received at the clinic yesterday. I don’t see much of a difference in my scars and redness. However my skin does feel smoother than before since I had extractions on my active acne and my indented acne scars have been greatly reduced. The purpose of the laser (V-Beam) was to reduce inflammation on the skin, but I have yet to see a difference in it. It'll probably take more than one day to see its effects.

Day 2

Day 2 : I’ve noticed that the redness I had pre-treatment is starting to fade. As the severe redness is fading, I have also noticed that my skin is starting to flake and become dry, as said by the doctor. Another reason my skin might have become so dry is the cold weather here in Korea. Lastly...my white heads are coming out like crazy! Maybe it’s because I was told by my doctor to stop using my BHA and AHA products. I will just apply topical creams and put on a hydrocolloid patch to top it off. I'm hoping the whiteheads disappear soon.

Day 3 : Not much has changed besides the fact that my skin is flaking more than usual. I wouldn’t say much redness has subsided. My whiteheads are still coming up as usual.

Day 4 : The amount of white heads I've been getting has decreased significantly and my skin feels a lot smoother. I don't know if its weather because I changed my routine or because of the laser. What I can say is that my redness hasn't much changed since doing the laser.

Overall Thoughts : It has been nearly a week after the procedure (I stopped updating the progress after day 4) and I have found my overall skin texture to be nearly the same as before. Either the laser treatment wasn't fit for my skin issue or that I need to do more than one session of the treatment in order to see results. On the bright side, Accutane and absence of the chemical exfoliators in my routine is making my skin feel 'normal' again. My skin isn't bumpy anymore and the texture looks smooth. The 10mg of Accutane may be working, but I think I should increase the dosage to 20mg or 30mg. Would I come back to this clinic? Yes. Would I do the V-Beam treatment again for my redness? Likely not. Even though I haven’t noticed much decrease in redness from the V-Beam, I started using my moisturizer which contained niacinamide (a whitening agent) and vitamin C serum (which I finally got again), and ever since then I’ve seen my skin’s redness fading much faster than with the laser. I think the V-Beam laser is one of those treatments that you need to do more than once or twice in order to see results, so I may sound I bit biased discussing my results from one session.

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