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I'm a rich ass dermatologist that graduated from one of the top universities in the Asia, and have been fighting acne better than Accutane.

Just kidding.

Complete My Seoul is a blog where you can find me satirizing, analyzing, and making fun of anything skincare related while attempting to be informational. If you get offended easily, then this is not the place for you.

Whatever you are here on the site for, just have fun!

You won't be reading reviews that are so long it's overkill, like reading about a product that contains snail mucin and see me writing how snails survived the ancient times when modern technology wasn't around. 

I won't be saying things like :

- "I can feel this cleanser already working since it made my skin so tight!"
- "It's like the toxins are coming out of my skin after applying this essence."
- "Love me."
- "My skin feels fresh and clean because of this cleanser!"
- "It's like I'm a whole new person now."
- "Even though this shit sucks ass, because I got this free from a company this isn't really all that bad!"


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